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Business Analysis Program

For more than 30 years, we have helped thousands of people to own and operate successful tanning salons, spas, health clubs, beauty salons, and wellness, weight loss and massage centers.

Whether you are considering opening your first location, expanding an existing business or would just like an expert review of your current business model, our Business Analysis Program will help you to increase sales and profits.

We begin by objectively identifying your true areas of strength and weakness. We then Initiate practical strategies that focus on optimizingyour existing resources. Next, we fine-tune internal operations by eliminating areas of waste and redundancy - thereby maximizing productivity. And once the foundation for your success is firmly established, we introduce new programs to steer your business on a clear path forward.

These strategies can be applied and these goals achieved regardless of the current financial strength of your business or prevailing market conditions - and without disrupting the normal flow of business. Most companies will see positive, measurable results within 60 to 90 days.

SSW's Proprietary Programs and Business Analysis will help you determine:

  • The Number of Customers Needed to Support Your Business Model
  • How Much Each Customer Must Spend to Cover Your Expenses - and How to Achieve
  • The Cost Per Day, Month and Year to Operate Your Business
  • How to Maximize Sales and Profits on Every Customer
  • How to Price Your Products and Services Effectively and Competitively
  • How to Create the Ultimate Buying and Selling Environment within Your Business
  • How to Use Your Customer Base as an Effective Marketing Machine
  • How to Network with Other Businesses for Mutual Benefit
  • How to Cross-Promote Products and Services for Maximum Profits
  • How to Integrate New Profit Centers